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Shoutout to chaitea-veins for letting me borrow this rad new book 😏 aaayyyyyyyyyyy
Drop a “If I were dating you…” In my ask.



Please? I’d like to see what I would get haha

Do it do it do it, I wanna know that there is someone out there That wants to treat me right!

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can’t wait to own dogs with u

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hey this is my url



lol someone said it. thank you.

lucid blog
You’re allowed to want to kill yourself,
but you’re not allowed to do it.
You’re allowed to fight with your mother,
but you’re not allowed to to leave her crying on your bedroom floor.
You’re allowed to miss your ex boyfriend,
but you’re not allowed to say the scars all over your arms are his fault.
You’re allowed hate the girl who almost got you suspended,
but you’re not allowed to tell her that the world would be better off without her.
You’re allowed to stand on the edge of that bridge,
but you’re not allowed to jump.
You’re allowed to be mad at the world,
but you’re not allowed to blame it for the state you’ve put yourself in.
You’re allowed to be sad,
but you’re not allowed to give up. -it’s going to be okay  (via pessimistiic)

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